Just Go Away!


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Have you ever wished you could disappear?  Just vanish into thin air!  I remember, as a child, sometimes wishing I had the ability to be invisible so people would just leave me alone.

These days, I’m finding that time is doing a vanishing act.  Thinking back over these last 2+ months, with another one plus a couple of weeks to go before I can go back to work, it amazes me how the days just seem to roll right into each other.

Some people probably think I have vanished!  Sadly, I’m much too–ummm—well, I take up too much space to vanish that easily 🙂

I’m seeing my primary doctor today to talk about the immediate future, updating her on the coming surgery, catching up on the dread A1C and a few other tests I need to have done before the surgery takes place.

As we grow older, Terry and I, we both comment on how our primary social life seems to be with our doctors.  That’s a sad fact of life for some aged elders. Not everyone, but it’s true for us. Terry, by the way, is preparing the way for a treatment for his foot pain that we’re both very hopeful about.  Good news, please.

If pain would vanish, that would be nice!  Not that you never want to feel pain, because that’s dangerous.  But if it could just kind of give you a nudge to let you know something is wrong and then just–POOF!  vanish?  Yes, that would be nice.

I’m rambling.  Maybe I should stop.


5 thoughts on “Just Go Away!

  1. I wouldn’t want to feel NO pain ever; as you say it’s beneficial. But I’d be very happy if my arthritis would just vanish. I got a taste of that while I was on chemo-therapy — for two weeks every month I never felt an arthritis pain — so I know how life could be. 🙂

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  2. Carry on, that is not rambling, but unfortunately the truth. There are things around the corner as time progresses, that you never really thought about in the years gone by, imaging it would continue as usual. Hoping all goes well for your husband.

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  3. gahattoedgedesign

    No, you’re not rambling this was a good post as a child of my aging parents we experience about their health, however, pain is a good sign its letting your body now hey somethings not right which is a good sign. I hope everything goes well.

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  4. Age brings things to us that we never had to experience or even think about in our younger years. I once heard my sister say “it seems their only activity is centered around doctor visits!” We have new challenges in life and learn new things in trying to deal with them. Bless you and Terry and may things work out for the best.

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