Build Together


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Construct.  It comes from two Latin roots:  Con, meaning with, together; and struere,  meaning  to pile, to build.  

To build together.  What a concept.  I know that these days we think of the word as it relates to building houses, stores, malls, high rises, and so on. But  very little construction is accomplished these days by just one person.

Time was, in our history, that a man would find a place he could settle, and he set about putting up a cabin.  Sometimes he was alone.  Sometimes he had his family with him, and if the children were old enough they could help. It’s still possible today for a man to find some remote place that hasn’t been papered with permits and regulations, I suppose.  Remote Alaska, maybe.  Can you imagine cutting down your trees, making logs or planks,  and erecting your own dwelling  without anyone looking over your shoulder?

We know several guys who are contractors;  builders who make their living putting up houses, churches, and so on. It’s a group effort these days, but there has to be one  person who oversees, organizes, contracts, and plans.  These men are leaders, workers, people who  take charge and get the job done.

That’s what we need in our country right now, isn’t it?  Construction, building.  We can, you know.  We can learn to work together again to rebuild this suffering divided country. I hope we don’t waste the opportunity.

3 thoughts on “Build Together

  1. We knew a fellow who built himself a log cabin circa 1930 in northern Alberta and he said it cost him $5 for nails and a window pane. 🙂

    I’m afraid North American society has become too focused on “How do I feel about doing this?” rather than “How can I help?” And there’s a “You’re not the boss of me” mentality to work around. Hubby says I’m a pessimist, but I’m not sure if folks will lay aside personal issues to pitch in and build together on a national level.

    I sure hope so, though. When the head becomes bigger than the heart, the body topples.

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    1. As a leader goes, so goes the nation. I’m hoping Mr. Trump will be able to perform on his promises. I believe his intent is to do exactly that. Time will tell.
      I listened this morning to a speech he made in Ohio last night. A pretty good speech, actually, but I hope he goes beyond the “I WON!” rhetoric really soon.


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