Don’t Take it for Granted


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Vigor.  Strength, energy, enthusiasm, stamina.

I’m going to whine a little bit, because I’m fighting the urge to let myself slide into the black hole of depression.  Let me tell you, forced inactivity is no fun. Each day that passes in which I don’t move around much reduces my vigor by a little bit more, draining me of energy and vitality. Draining me even of the desire to get up and get moving.

So I move as much as I can, until I feel that little hitch in my git-along that tells me I’d better watch it.

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I never thought I’d grow weary with reading, or watching Christmas movies on TV.

I am.  I have.

I can’t go down the basement steps to work on a project I wanted to have done for Christmas.  Terry is still carrying the load of my work:  cooking, shopping, laundry, cleaning. I love him for being so willing, but I hate it that he has to.

Last night I dreamed that I was able to get through a normal day without ticking off that little demon in my back.  I washed, cleaned, cooked, even went to my office–all in one day. And I wasn’t tired.

How sad to wake up and know it wasn’t true.

If you have vigor, and are able to do pretty much whatever you want to do, be thankful. Age and time can take that away sooner than you think.


9 thoughts on “Don’t Take it for Granted

  1. AMEN! Many mornings when I’m out of bed and standing on my own two feet, even though arthritis makes me a bit stiff & sore, I thank God that I am able to be up and about. I’ve seen folks in nursing homes who’d give a lot to be able to do that.

    It’s my contention that every young person, say for six months after their grade schooling is done, should have to work several months in a nursing home. Working among the elderly and watching them interact with family members who visit gives you some amazing insights on life, love, and the lifelong pursuit of happiness &/or money.

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  2. You are not alone. I think most of us have our negative surprises when you approach the age of “been there and done it”. I have to inject my MS medicine every second day, no big deal, it is really only 5-10 minutes with preparations and the actual job which only takes not even a minute, but it nerves. I just wish it did not have to be. On the other hand there are others in worse situations than myself. Let’s keep going and as you say, we are thankful for the guys in our life that help without having to ask for the help. Keep safe.

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