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Liminal.  What an interesting word.  Yes, I had to look it up.  I like it when I have to look up a word, because I’m increasing my vocabulary.

We are in a liminal state in American government right now. This is the so-called “Lame Duck” period, between the election of a new President and his inauguration.  During this period, the sitting President traditionally pardons criminals of his choice. He may try to push through some legislation that he knows won’t be supported by the incoming President.  He can cause a lot of trouble, or he can be gracious.

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The incoming President is busy during this liminal period, putting his cabinet together and having endless meetings to shape  his coming time in the Oval Office–which, I understand, is being renovated and won’t be available right away.

The word comes from the Latin limen, meaning threshold. It is often used to describe the period between fading life and  oncoming death, a transition period, a time of waiting.

We actually have many liminal periods as we travel through life. These are common to all of us; I’m thinking of the pre-teen eagerly waiting to be a teenager, to get a driver’s license, to be allowed to date, to go to high school and then on to college or a career. I’m thinking of the waiting period between an engagement and a wedding.  The long wait between confirmation of pregnancy and the birth of the baby.  There are more, like waiting for that first grandchild.  Liminal.  On the threshold.  Transitioning from one place or period of time to another.

All of life is like that, really, isn’t it?  Waiting.


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