Enjoying the Memories


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The season of wonderful smells is upon us.  I’ve always particularly enjoyed the aromas of Thanksgiving Day, as the turkey  roasts in the oven. Woven into that wonderful smell are the savory herbs of the stuffing, the pumpkin pies cooling on the counter, and my yummy fresh dinner rolls. The come-hither  scent of coffee surrounds it all,  , making the house a treasure chest of gustatory perfume.

These days, I have to just enjoy the memory of all this.  I’ve slowly lost my sense of smell over the years. Too many sinus infections, too many sprays of medication, leaving me with a chronic congestion that may need surgery at some point.

I never thought about  losing my sense of smell until it started to happen. One of my favorite aromas is that of bread baking in the oven, and I can’t smell it any more. I can only imagine it from  years of  enjoying it.

We’ll be at my daughter’s this year for Thanksgiving. I usually do it here, but my physical difficulties have made it necessary to pass this one over to her. She’s an amazing cook, and even though my sense of taste is also somewhat affected by my loss of the sense of smell, I can still enjoy each mouthwatering bite.

Have you ever wondered how it all must have smelled on that first Thanksgiving, when the cooking was done outdoors?



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