Second Thoughts

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What an interesting prompt to show up on Election Day.  I wonder if it was done on purpose.  Probably not.  Very few of us will have second thoughts today.  My mind has been made up for months now, and has not changed in the face of endless telephone invasions of my privacy; endless junk on the sidebar of my Facebook page; endless nasty television commercials; endless finger-pointing and accusation.  I’m so SICK of all of it.  I’m so GLAD today is the day we vote.

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(Aren’t they lovely?)

Of course, the underlying argument will continue, not matter the outcome of today’s vote. The accusations of cheating, rigging, dead people voting, and so on have already started, and we know some of it is the truth. I have a strong sense that what happens today will not be the final moment in this horrible wrangle. I don’t think it’s going to be a landslide for either party.  I’m going on record as saying I think it’s going to be arguably close.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, no second thought for me.


10 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. It is actually the Senate race that concerns me in my state. The DNC somehow talked Evan Bayh into re-entering the Senate race after sittin gout a term. He is a hooligan and yet the race is somewhat tight.
    I voted early. Even then the lines have been long here.
    Crying out for mercy.

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  2. Heck, when faced with two of the worst candidates in donkey’s years, I voted for VICE president. yes, I KNOW the president is also listed there but my head just couldn’t wrap around that… I ignored the obvious and did what to me felt right. I can not wait for it to be over. I’ve lost so much respect for people this year, seeing their true colors come out for the first time. The nastiness, the absolute hatefulness of people is appalling and I had so hoped that my rosy picture of my country could have remained in place. And I fear the meanness, the nastiness, the racism and religious hatred will just continue no matter who wins.

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    1. Suze, I understand exactly what you’re saying. However, I have to say that waiting in line at the polls, watching all the people, was an encouragement to me. Normal, ordinary Americans. No one was being rude. Many were willing to give up their place in line for me when they saw my walker. I’m sure there were fairly equal numbers of Libs and Conservatives there, but no one was arguing or pressing their views. It gave me some hope that we have not lost all civility yet.

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