Irked to No End


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I saw this word and immediately heard my mom’s voice in my head saying something “just irks me to no end!”

What a funny word.  Irk.  Irksome.  So irritating you can hardly stand it.

The etymology says the word comes from the Old Norse  yrkja, which meant exactly what it means today.  Working on your last nerve.

I’ll tell you what I find irksome right now:  Political calls, fundraising calls, calls that have no apparent purpose because when I (rarely) do answer one, there’s no one on the other end.

Image result for unsolicited phone calls

I’m so glad we finally got caller ID on our phones. If we hadn’t, I may be doing time for beating up on unsolicited phone calls.  They are intrusive, unwelcome, and, yes, irksome.

2 thoughts on “Irked to No End

  1. I wholeheartedly agree on the political calls. Most of the time they are automated so at least I can hang up. The ones that irk me are the charities looking for clothing donations. Moving to an apartment I only have necessities. The irksome thing is they will keep phoning until I tell them no.

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