She Started It!


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“Copycat!  You’re nothing but a copycat!”

“Nu-uh!  I was going to wear this anyway.  I picked it out last night.  Maybe YOU’RE copying ME!”

“You’re such a brat.  I hate you. Why did I have to get YOU for a sister!”

Sherry sighed in utter frustration.  Every single morning for the last couple of weeks, she’d heard this or similar dialogue coming from the bedroom her daughters shared.  They were in 7th and 9th grade now, and just beginning to figure out their own styles and fashions.  They bickered constantly over everything from who didn’t put the cap on the toothpaste to who left her fingernail polish uncapped and how it spilled all over. The contest over who wears what outfit had begun with the opening of the school year, with Cindi, the older of the two girls, always claiming that Cathy was copying her outfit.  Sherry could have recited the daily dialogue word for word.

This morning was going to be the end of it. She was done listening to them.

She tapped on the door to their room and walked in, surprising them in a hair-pulling but quiet tussle.

“Stop that!  Right now!  You should be ashamed of yourselves.”

Both girls blurted out “She started it” at the exact same moment. Setting aside her itch to slap them both, Sherry said, “All right, I’ve listened to your complaining and bickering for the LAST time.  You two are getting every single day off to a rotten start, and I’ve had enough.  Right now, both of you, take off everything but your underwear.”

Both girls stood stock still, wondering what on earth Sherry was going to do. But Sherry’s face was set, and they slowly began to do as they were told. “Now put away what you just took off. I’m going to pick out your clothes from now on, since you can’t seem to do it without fighting.  I don’t care whether or not  you like what I choose.  I’m just not going to listen to this squabbling any more.”

Image result for teenage sisters fighting

 Sherry went to Cindi’s closet and pulled out a pair of her favorite jeans.  She went to the dresser and pulled out a top. “There.  Put it on, and no complaining or you’ll end up with something you hate!”

She did the same for Cathy, choosing clothes that were very different from what Cindi was reluctantly pulling on.   Sherry stood with her arms folded, watching them both as they chose accessories, socks, and shoes. The girls kept glancing at her, then at each other.  They knew better than to argue, and they were quickly ready for the day.

“Good,” said Sherry.  “Now both of  you go get your breakfast, and believe me, the first I hear of a fight brewing, you’re both going to go to school with hot bottoms.  I’ve had enough. This is going to stop, and it’s stopping right here, right now.  Any questions?”

The girls left their room without a word, and it was very quiet in the house for the rest of the morning until the girls left to get on the bus.  Cindi stopped about halfway down the driveway.

“Mom?  Are you really going to choose our clothes every day?”

“Only if you make me.  You start to fight, and I hear the word copycat, and you’ll wear what I choose.  It’s up to you.”

Shaking her head, Sherry went back inside to enjoy a time of peace and quiet with her morning coffee.

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