Intern Opportunity


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“So, now that you’ve heard the story, is anyone willing to volunteer for the job?  Understand that you will not be paid, but you can use it as your internship.  You will be working 16 hours per week, and it counts toward your degree.  Anyone?”

Sabre was immobile. She wanted to raise her hand, but so many things kept her arm down. First, her parents would be appalled. She would be overseas all summer, and she wouldn’t be  making any money at all. She would be remote, with infrequent access to wifi or even her cell phone. She had no training for the work. She would need a completely different wardrobe. Her boyfriend would definitely not like it.

But her heart was stirred.  It could be the opportunity of a lifetime. She had read about Mother Theresa, and had wondered what it would be like to live as she had; to give her whole life over to serving those in poverty, outcasts, orphaned, sick with diseases she’d never heard of.

“Anyone?  You’re very quiet, people.  I need a response on this today. We need to move on in our agenda here, so I’m going to ask you to talk with me after class. Please open your books to page 157, and let’s get started on this next chapter.”

Sabre didn’t hear a thing in the following half hour. Her mind was sorting out all the pros and cons of accepting this challenge. She knew her parents would be upset, but she also knew they’d get past that and support her.  Money would not be a problem. All the rest of it was practical and possible, and she found more and more that she wanted to do it.The one she’d really have to persuade was Brandon. They’d already talked about several things they wanted to do over the summer.  He wouldn’t understand this at all.

After class, Sabre made her way to the front. Professor Whitney was clearing his desk, getting ready for his next class.

“Professor Whitney?  Can we talk?  I have a couple of questions.” As they spoke, Sabre became more confident about her decision, and more excited that she was actually going to do it.  No one else in her class had volunteered.  It seemed the way was wide open.

Brandon was waiting outside the door of her classroom.  They were both quiet as they walked outside and found a place to sit. The campus was green and blooming. May was such a beautiful month, with all the flowering trees and bushes.  Did she really want to miss it this year to go live in a huge city and work in the least appealing districts of that city?

They sat on the ground under “their” tree, the one where he’d first asked her out; the one where he’d said he loved her; the one where he proposed and put her engagement ring on her finger. At they same time, they both said, “We need to talk. . . .”

All of Sabre’s fears evaporated as Brandon shared with her that there was this amazing opportunity in India with the Missionaries of Charity.

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