What Are You Waiting For?


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


“We’re always waiting for someone or something, aren’t we? ” Miss Grady looked at her students’ faces,  which showed her a variety of reaction.  Dread, nerves,  a little fear, expectation, hope, acceptance.  They knew there was going to be a writing assignment. Most of them would do a half-hearted job.  They disliked writing, except to text their friends. There were a few, though, who always turned in papers that were original, thoughtful, funny, serious–depending on the assignment.

“So here’s what I want you to do.  On a blank sheet of paper, no name, please,  write the words I am waiting for  and then leave the page blank. Send your papers to the front, where I will collect them and redistribute them randomly around the room. You will not know whose paper you have.

“There are some things that are forbidden. Once you have a paper in front of you,  write a short sentence that explains something you are waiting for.  The things that are disallowed are Christmas, your birthday, Thanksgiving, and the last day of school.  Also, you may not write anything that has already been written, and you may not write the same thing over and over on all ten papers.  Stretch your mind. Be creative.

“When you have written your sentence, exchange  your paper with someone else who has finished. Number your own response so that it is easy to tell when you get to ten.  When you have reached ten, raise your hand and I will collect the papers.


“Remember, you are to write only one sentence. The second person  to get each paper does the same, until each of you has completed  10 papers. Lucky for you, this is a small class! When you are all finished, we’re going to compile all your answers and see how many of you wrote the same things. Does everyone understand?  Okay, then let’s get started. “

Miss Grady watched as the students began to write,  She could almost hear some of them thinking, “Finally, a short assignment we can finish in a hurry.”

As the papers traveled,  Miss Grady saw smiles, raised eyebrows,  surprise, puzzlement. She was looking forward to seeing these papers herself, wondering if any of them would reflect her own “waiting for.”   At the end of this exercise, each student would have written ten complete sentences.  As the papers filled up, it was going to become harder to think up something new.


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