I’m sorry I’m neglecting the Bible study on Isaiah.  I’m in too much pain, and on too much medication, to be able to think straight.  I have an appointment Wednesday with my pain doctor–the one who told me no more shots until January.  I have no idea what he’ll have to offer me, but I’m very willing, at this point, to have the surgery he mentioned before. And now, some help from the lighter side of life:

'Hah! ? you think you've got lower back pain?' Chiropractic concerns

0afd06b1e79e14c7a9861bbaf7c8869c         Getting older is . . . making noises whenever you bend down or get back up.'Uh,uh,uh, you weren't lifting with your legs were you?!'

See?  You can laugh even when it hurts 🙂


14 thoughts on “Neglect

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  2. You are not neglecting the bible study, but you have been neglecting yourself for a while now, is it? When the Good Lord said, Love your neighbour like yourself – he expected you to take of yourself first so you can take care of your neighbour. Now do not take yourself for granted. 🙂 Rest and relax. God has given you some ‘me’ time to get pampered. Enjoy it! Have fun – God loves you.

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