To Agree or to Disagree


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It’s no surprise that the first thing I thought of was political disagreement.  Our country is more divided now than it was just before the Civil War.  Back then, there were only a couple of major issues. Today, it is not a matter of issues so much as is it a matter of world view.

Each faction seems terrified that the other is going to force a world view on the other that it simply cannot tolerate.

For instance, Hillary has said many, many times that the rearing of a child should be overseen by government. She has also said that “Your strongly held religious beliefs about things like abortion MUST CHANGE!”

I know that this video has been patched together to show her in the worst possible light. My purpose in using it is to highlight her determination to eradicate  “strongly held religious beliefs” from our culture. In another video, she goes so far as to say that biblical positions on abortion, for instance, are no different than things like honor killings and female genital mutilation in other cultures. We need to pay attention to her double-speak.She claims to be a Christian and have deep reverence for the Bible. Then she says that beliefs derived from the Bible have to be eradicated.

I disagree.  I disagree to the point of being willing to stand and fight if that’s what it takes.

Mr. Trump, on the other hand, seems to be saying what I agree with. For instance, I’m not against immigration, but I am deeply concerned that we need to protect ourselves against the insurgence of those who hate us and are already here, already attacking. Anyone who doesn’t see that is either delusional or just not paying attention.

My problems with The Donald are his unpleasant, to put it mildly, personal views about women who are less than Miss Universe beautiful; his inappropriate remarks about how hot his daughter is; his insulting comments on the faces and/or body parts of women. He’s not exactly an oil painting himself. It’s kind of a case of the kettle and the pot, in my opinion. But this is silly compared to our national problems, starting with the more than 20 trillion dollars of national debt that we have allowed to spiral out of control. Hillary will do nothing to improve that situation, because she’s in the pocket of the countries who hate us but that Obama has subsidized to help them make weapons to defeat us.

It seems contradictory that he does, in fact, put many women in places of heavy responsibility in his business dealings.  Maybe he just doesn’t know how to control his mouth–and that’s not Presidential behavior.  Quite a lot could be said about the morality of owning casinos, and of his personal life.

It is a sad thing that moral behavior and Presidents have often not gone together. Even the deeply revered Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy were known to have had at least one sexual affair during their tenure at the White House.  And we all know the reputation Bill Clinton has.

There has probably never been a President with whom I would agree on every single point. There probably never will be.  But I’d rather have  a President with whom I disagree only here and there, and not on every single point in the campaign platform.

And I know for sure that, as a meme going around on Facebook says,  Hillary has a list of scandals behind her that follow her around the globe, and people are concerned about Donald’s tone?  

Ach.  I just wish it were over, although I have a lot of concerns about what will happen after the inauguration next January. It’s not going to be a walk in the park, no matter who wins this awful election.

God help us. God, bring us back to You. God, forgive America.


7 thoughts on “To Agree or to Disagree

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  2. Not being an American, I’d best have no opinion here. we just look on and wonder what’s going to happen during and after the election.

    As to your statement that the country’s more divided now than it was before the Civil War, a person would have had to be around at that time to make a fair comparison. I’ve read enough history to know there were seriously angry disagreements and feelings building up back then, too — seeing the issue brought about war. And both the North & the South had feelings about those who tried to be COs.

    As for this election being more about worldview, I think it was then, too. The whole Biblical understanding of whether it was right to own people or not, and to whether one group had a right to force its convictions on another (with whatever “necessary” violence and bloodshed) could be called a worldview.


  3. Hello Linda, do enjoy your delectable tit-bits. I nominate you for a the 3days 3 quotes challenge. Do impart more from your learned heart. 🙂

    Rules of the challenge: 1.Three quotes for three days. 2.Three nominees each day (no repetition). 3.Thank the person who nominated you. 4.Inform the nominees.

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