Too Little Time


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“I have so many unfinished projects,” fretted Martha. Her mind went downstairs to her sewing area. Knitting, quilting, cross stitch, needlepoint; her fabric stash, her leftover yarn, the quilt top in a drawer that was turning yellow with age because it needed to be constructed and quilted. So many patterns, so many good ideas–and so little energy and time.

Back upstairs.  The kitchen was actually in good shape since the renovation, the cupboards organized and a lot of things tossed out that she hadn’t used in years. Still, even though she wasn’t doing much baking these days, it was too hard to let go of her pans and other utensils. Not yet. Not yet.

The bedroom?  Oh, my. Time to accept that there were things she would never fit into again, and even if she did they would be outdated and sad. Her closet and drawers needed a merciless winnowing.

Then there was the computer desk. Oy.  Paper really does reproduce overnight. She always kept up with all the bills, but there were some other matters that needed tending to in the next few days. And there were cards to send, notes to write, books to read, files to sort through.

She was beginning to understand her mom and dad a lot better.  It’s just really hard to acknowledge that you have less time left to live than you’ve already used up, and some things were just not going to get done. Fact was, she was running out of energy faster than she’d expected.

Well. She wasn’t going leave any more of a mess for her kids to deal with than she had to, so she sat down to make a plan. One drawer, one closet, one cupboard, one file folder at a time. Even if she just did one small thing each day, that would be one less thing for others to deal with when she was gone.

Now if only she could get Jim on board with her to start dealing with his own stuff.


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