Together Forever


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Every now and then I see an article about a couple who have been married for over 70 years. It always amazes me.  We have 47 years, and that’s an amazement to a lot of people. But 70?  That’s a year older than I am!  That’s a lifetime!

We have some nonagenarians in our church family. Two of them are widowed, but the third couple have reached that 70+ mark in their marriage. Her health is failing, so she doesn’t make it to church very often. But he does. He’s there faithfully, dressed in a sharp suit with a colorful shirt and tie, and he always has a pocket full of little polished stones that he’ll hand out to whatever children run up and ask him.  Sometimes he asks them to say their Sunday school memory verse, and they always do.  Once he gave my granddaughter a pretty polished rock that he had set and hung on a chain. There was a special reason, but I don’t remember what it was.  She treasures it.

This couple has been together through the Great Depression, WWII, Korea, and then the slow downward slide of our country into secularism, socialism, and very little commitment to the promises made on the wedding day. They don’t understand why people can’t just figure out their problems. When someone asked him what the secret of their long marriage was, he said “God, commitment, keeping your word, doing the right thing.”

He doesn’t waste words. When you’ve reached your 90’s, you can speak your mind without worrying about what people think.

Of course, I generally do that now, and I’m only 69.


I don’t know if Terry and I will have 70+ years. We didn’t get married while we were still in our teens, so it’s really not likely. What I do know is that the biblical one-flesh principle only increases with time together, until we can communicate a lot with just a look. We still have our moments, believe me. It’s not perfect, WE aren’t perfect. But we’re committed, we’re dedicated, and we try to do the right thing. We love God, and we thank Him daily for His presence in our marriage.

Together is a wonderful thing.

8 thoughts on “Together Forever

    1. You’re right. We tend to be all misty-eyed about the beauty of a young bride, and so we should be. But the beauty of lifelong love, tested and tried and tempered to great strength, is even more beautiful–and rare!


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