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“You know,” she said with a sigh, “Life really is fragile. You act as if your words don’t matter, that you can say anything you want, no matter how harsh or unkind, and I’m just supposed to accept it. Be tough, you say.  Be strong, you say.

“Well, here’s something for you to consider, tough guy. You’ve broken my spirit once too often, and I can’t live like this any more. I want you to know that I’ve already packed most of my clothes and sent them to the place I’m going to live. I’ll return, with a police escort if I need to, for the rest of my things later today.


“I’m beyond thankful that we have no children for you to hurt with your critical words and your harshness. My life has been rocked to the core because of your unkindness, and I expect it will take me a while to heal.  But know this:  I WILL heal. And you will continue just as you are, because you think you’ve done nothing wrong. Soon some other poor woman will be a part of your life, and I feel so sorry for her.”

“You can’t leave me.  You’ll be back. You’ve threatened this before, and never done it.”

“Watch me. One thing your cruelty has done for me is helped me build my fragile ego into something stronger, because it was either that, or I would have died of loneliness and grief. I loved you so much. You took that and broke it, laughing at me the whole time. Yes, I can leave. I AM leaving.”

He stood there in shock, just beginning to learn how fragile his own heart was as she pulled the door shut behind her.


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