God is Never Perplexed


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Late 15th century (as the adjective perplexed ): from the obsolete adjectiveperplex ‘bewildered,’ from Latin perplexus ‘entangled,’ based on plexus‘interwoven,’ from the verb plectere .

I like to know the etymology of a word, how it developed over time, and sometimes how it changes. This one has stayed pretty much the same in meaning.

The Latin plexus meant interwoven, or all tangled up like a skein of yarn that the cat played with.

Sometimes the knot is just impossible to untangle, and you have to snip it off and throw it away.  Perplexing.

Life can be like that. Sometimes you just can’t untangle the threads, and you simply have to  accept that.  In my work, the temptation to want to fix everything and everybody is very strong. One of the hardest things I had to accept is that I can’t. Sometimes all I can do is listen, commiserate, offer comfort, offer scripture, reassure that this too shall pass.

Death doesn’t go away, but the extreme pain of grief does become more bearable with time. Divorce, children who go wrong, rape and other assault–these leave a person trembling and traumatized. It’s not what anyone signs up for. They are perplexing events that sometimes you just have to accept, snip that particular thread in your life, and allow yourself to walk through the grief so that healing can begin.

Life can be very hard. Often we are perplexed. I am so thankful that I have God and His Word to help through the things that could defeat me if I didn’t have my faith. I don’t think I buy into the “everything happens for a purpose” philosophy. Sometimes things just happen because that’s a part of life.  What I do know is that God has promised to walk with me, to never leave me or forsake me, to be with me always.

That knowledge makes that which is  perplexing much easier to bear.


4 thoughts on “God is Never Perplexed

  1. “I don’t think I buy into the “everything happens for a purpose” philosophy”. For as long as we are in the world the evil is also at work and sadly as human beings we are perplexed but not lost because of a loving God, who is always there. Thank you for endorsing that fact.

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