Never, Never, Never, Never Quit!


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A lunar eclipse is  beautiful thing to see. We sat in our porch rockers, moved out onto the lawn, to view the last one that took place on March 23 of this year.  the next one is coming up on September 16, so get your telescopes dusted off.

I’m thinking, though, of a different kind of eclipse. The kind where your efforts are eclipsed by the efforts of someone else, whose were just a little bit better.  The paper you wrote, the pictures you took with a camera or painted with brush and oils; the poem you wrote, the efforts in school to improve your grades; the hours you practiced to improve your free throw in basketball, or your routine on the parallel brs.

I’m thinking about the recent summer Olympics, in which so many hundreds of athletes worked harder than I ever have or ever will to reach their personal best in their sport.The rowers, the volleyball players, the runner, the gymnasts, the swimmers and divers–all hoping against hope that their efforts would gain them a coveted medal.

For most of them, they put forth their best efforts but were eclipsed by the incredibly gifted, incredibly talented and incredibly determined stars of the show. Who wouldn’t love to defeat Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt?


I’m sure that some Olympians went home deeply disappointed.  I hope they don’t let it keep them from continuing in a sport they love. Not everyone can be the best, but everyone can strive.

I think that’s the lesson I learn every time I watch another Olympics. Some go home with medals, most don’t. The experience, the honor, the excitement of competing in the Olympics, though, is a never-to-be-forgotten  honor that I hope those who won no medals will always treasure.  I hope they won’t let their experience be eclipsed by the gold, silver, and bronze, because once the eclipse is over, the sun still has a job to do; the moon still controls the tides, and life goes on just as it always has.

I think that’s the lesson we all need to learn. You keep on going, no matter what. Just because someone else is better, you don’t quit. You have a job to do.

5 thoughts on “Never, Never, Never, Never Quit!

  1. Very well put. I thought about that too. How hard it must be to compete in the categories where there are returning medal winners that are still on top of their game. I too admired those that competed and especially to those that gave those top athletes a run for their money and kept them on their toes. Every single athlete that competed was just amazing to watch. Until 2020:)

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