Good Shivers


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There are bad shivers.  Bad shivers come from fear, horror, dread, nerves, or extreme cold. Of course there are many other things that cause bad shivers, as well.


This morning, though, I was enjoying a mild shiver of pure delight as I left the house. It was raining, and had been for a while. We needed this rain like coffee needs sugar and cream. We’ve been praying for it, and here it is. We’ve come through a very long hot (90+) dry spell lasting for several weeks, and the refreshment of the rain is indescribable.  It’s going to be only 80 or so today, and in the 50s overnight.

So I shivered a little bit because my body has adjusted to being too hot, but I enjoyed every moment of the shiver.  It’s a herald of better days to come; long, lovely autumn weather that can last well into December. Warm days, cool night, and if the rain keeps up the color will be breathtaking this year.


4 thoughts on “Good Shivers

      1. Well, come to think of it you are right. Sometimes your partner can send shivers up your spine with the right touch at the right time; that horror movie; or the taste of a cold refreshing drink on a hot day……

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