Yes, I Can be Fierce!


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The word immediately brings to mind a lion, strong and aggressive, graceful and terrifying at the same time.

          Or an angry pit bull. Or a mother protecting her child.

Hunger can make a person fierce. Anger. Fear. Threat or danger to a loved one. Evil lurking, waiting for the opportunity to attack.

I had a client who told me I was like a pit bull in defending her against injustice. Someone else told my supervisor, “She’s like a ferocious little dog, always attacking.” This was a man who liked to knock his wife around and leave her bruised and bleeding, helpless to defend herself. You bet I’m going to go on the attack.  What a jerk. My supervisor supported and defended me.  That’s a very good thing.

Someone told me once that I was being a mamma bear, defending one of my kids.  That didn’t come out of me very often.  I did my best to let them fight their own battles. In this situation, though, my son was completely without any ability to fight back against an outrageous injustice.  Yes, I went to his defense.  You betcha.  And I’d do it again.

Sometimes we need to be fierce.  I’m fiercely patriotic. Don’t tell me America is the worst terrorist nation in the world, as I heard some very young and arrogant college students claim in a radio interview.  I will school you in the true history of this country without any hesitation. America is not perfect, and has committed terrible wrong at times. But there is no other country in the world that gives us the freedoms that we enjoy here, and that is so quick to reach out to aid other countries in times of need. I love America.

I am fierce about contending for my faith. I’m sick of hearing Christianity painted as the root of all evil in the world.

I just deleted an entire paragraph. I want to be careful.

Okay, I just deleted two more paragraphs.

I’m fierce about a situation I’m dealing with in my counseling office right now that is causing untold hurt and pain to many people, and the man involved is pointing his finger at professing Christians who can’t approve and support the sin. They’re not loving. They’re not kind.

Yeah, I’m pretty fierce about being told by the people who are guilty of wrongdoing that everyone else is guilty of terrible behavior. Gets my dander up.

Fierce. Wow, this prompt has taken me in a direction I wasn’t planning on. Made me feel fierce.


10 thoughts on “Yes, I Can be Fierce!

  1. Hey! Gosh I love your fierceness and have shared some of them–my son, America, defending others. And even though I am not a Christian (Buddhist) I too rise up against militant anti-Christians. There is a church in my community that has a reputation of being overly zealous. A friend invited me to a musical service there, and as a result I attended a couple of other services. What do you know–just like everything else there are extremists but they certainly were not in the majority. Now I can defend that church with zeal.

    PS: Sorry but I kind of love that you accidently deleted a couple of paragraphs. The technicalities of blogging still challenge me.

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