Don’t Emphasize the Obvious


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I saw an attractive woman the other day. She was quite heavy, but she knew how to dress to not draw attention to the obvious.  I admire that. Since I’m quite heavy myself, I’ve had to learn to do the same. You don’t wear anything tight. You don’t wear sheer unless it has something solid underneath.  You don’t wear horizontal stripes around your heaviest part. You don’t wear skirts, dresses, or shorts that are way TOO short. You learn to conceal what you can; you learn to draw attention to your face instead of your waistline, or whatever your biggest body part may be.

I always dread summer a little, because people tend to just barely avoid public indecency. You see way too much flesh, most of it completely unattractive.  The other day there was a grossly  huge man in the produce department of our Walmart. He was wearing a wife-beater, ugly in and of itself, and his extremely hairy armpits were on full display.  Ugh.  I decided I didn’t need any produce.

 See, this is just icky:

But here’s a big woman who knows how to dress:

You can still have fun with your clothes, still wear something other than black, still take the time to emphasize your best features, without emphasizing your big belly.  I don’t wear sleeveless things any more, though, like the model above. Two reasons:  I’m old, so my arms are less than gorgeous and I have granny flaps; and I had bad acne as a teen, and there are scars on my arms, back, and shoulders. Better not to expose all that.  What people don’t know won’t hurt me 🙂

I generally dress simply for the office, nothing tight, short or revealing, comfortable, and designed not to emphasize the obvious.  It’s a good rule of thumb for anyone, right?

This is a P.S.  I was going to mention the importance of knowing your color palette, and then I forgot.   You can learn all about this on a zillion web sites.  I first learned it when I read Color Me Beautiful, can’t remember the author.  Anyway, I’m a winter. Fair skin, very dark brown eyes, blue skin undertones, hair that was blonde when I was little but darkened to a very dark brown before it started going grey on me.  I wear true, pure white; black; navy blue,true red, lemon yellow, a range of pink ranging from hot pink to icy pink, several blue shades, emerald green, and so on.  Once you know your colors, shopping is a breeze. And wearing the colors that are right for you will also help you to camouflage the obvious 🙂 The right colors will definitely draw more attention to your face.


I enlarged this, so it’s a little fuzzy, but I wanted you to see the variety of skin shades that fit into the winter palette.  The one most like mine is on the bottom.  I think that’s somebody famous, can’t remember who, and I’m just talking about color here, not facial features.


7 thoughts on “Don’t Emphasize the Obvious

  1. I have this concept, and I don’t think it’s unique. The concept is, I wouldn’t use heavy as the first word to describe that lady in the pic. She is what I call “thick”. Thick is the word used to describe women that may be a little bigger than others, but it’s spread out in the right places and they haven’t crossed the threshold yet where their excess weight becomes unattractive. Another way might be to say she has the Lord’s Grace in all the right places.

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    1. Kurtis, when I visited Germany some years ago, I heard our guide refer to a plus-sized woman as “dicke” which translates as “thick.” I’ve always liked that. In my article, I wanted to avoid words like “fat,” “overweight,” and some others that are not very complimentary. But I like “thick.” And I also like the idea of thinking that I have God’s grace to an abundant degree 🙂

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  2. The best accessory, whether the individual is fat or thin or somewhere in-between, is confidence. I’ve seen ‘large’ (not grossly fat) women and men who looked so beautiful or handsome, because although their size was a factor, it wasn’t an ISSUE. And anyone who just lets it all hang out – like those two men in your post…well no pride in themselves and a total disregard for the sheer repellent nature of their being is what I’d think of them. I recently ‘acquired’ granny arms and I’m horrified. I’m not sure what one can do about it either and I’ve never been obsessed with looking ‘just so.’ So I suppose the best idea is to wear things with sleeves. Good take on an engrossing subject (for some of us) 😉

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