A Whole New World


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Fifty.  Half a century.   Starting the downward slide into old age.


When I was fifty, I started working on my master’s degree.  I was not looking back; I was looking forward.  I have never regretted going back to school when I did, in spite of having to pay off my student loan for all the years since.  Sixteen years now, and if I can continue working I’ll have it paid in less than a year.  Early.  Saving some interest. I like that.

Fifty was a stepping-off point for me, not a decline into senility. I felt good, I was excited by what I was studying. I started working in my chosen field at 53, and now that I’m 69 I don’t see retirement in my immediate future.

I don’t feel quite as good as I did back then.  Age does take its toll on one’s body, some sooner than others.  I’m convinced that’s partly due to one’s gene pool, partly due to one’s lifestyle. This I know, though:  Having an aching back doesn’t have to stop the activity of the brain!

Would I ever wish to be young again?  Only if I didn’t have to be as dumb as I was then.

As the old Pennsylvania Dutch saying goes:  Too soon old, too late smart.



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