Mr. Moon


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Why is the moon so magical and mystical?  It has inspired songs, poetry, prose and romance. We love the moon, and we watch its phases.  We’re amazed when the moon is full and at perigee, its closest point to the earth. It feels as if you could reach out and touch it.


The truth?  It’s an immense ball of rock and sand. But who wants to think of it that way? After all, it reflects the light of the sun when we can no longer see the sun. It controls the tides of the mighty oceans.

And it’s beautiful.

If the old Greeks are to be believed, the moon controls a woman’s emotions, too. The word  for moon is reflected in the word for our monthly cycle, menstruation. and the Latin language called it Luna, the root of the word lunatic. Hence all women become lunatics once a month. And by the way, anyone who wants to believe that also has to accept that we are not responsible for our actions at that time, so maybe it would be safer for you to go hide under the bed 🙂

I worked in a nursing home as a practicum while I was working on my MSW degree. At first, I thought the nurses were just making jokes when they talked about getting ready for the full moon.

They weren’t.

There were more attempts at elopement (the word for trying to escape the facility) during the full moon. Patients who were known to do that were watched more closely, sometimes even having alarms set to alert the staff. If they already tended to  be a little manic, their meds were doubled during the full moon. There were more temper fits, more old men ‘accidentally’ crawling into some unsuspecting woman’s bed while she was asleep, scaring her half to death.

Interestingly, the families of our patients were also more likely to have complaints during the full moon.  I tracked it during the nine months I worked there.  Amazing. I worked in the social services end of things, so I got to see it first hand.

Well.  Enough of that.  The moon will remain romantic and mystical.  It will remain a subject of scientific research.  Mostly, it will remain a part of God’s amazing creation that we can simply enjoy.

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