Singing in the Car


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A favorite story on my longsuffering Terry:

He can’t sing. He has a great ear for enjoying music other people make, but he just can’t carry a tune, and his voice is not musical.  At all.

When our oldest son was only three,  we were in the car going to somewhere.  I don’t remember where. As I often did, I started to sing something.  Mike joined in, already exhibiting the true pitch and really quite outstanding voice he would develop in his late teens.  He also was able to carry the melody when I dropped to the alto part. Great fun.

Then Terry started singing, and everything changed. After a few minutes, Mike piped up from the back seat:  “Don’t sing, Daddy.  Don’t sing.”

None of us were singing for a few minutes while I tried unsuccessfully to stifle my laughter.   Poor Terry.

16 thoughts on “Singing in the Car

  1. Singing in the car is one of the best ways to make a long drive entertaining. Often the singer myself (no comment on quality), it is wonderfully amusing when one of my boys randomly breaks into song from the backseat. Your post brought a smile to my face, thank you for sharing!

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  2. Love this. I have heard this a lot with my preschoolers when their parents occasionally join us for circle time. They don’t want certain parents to sing. Luckily, all my parents have handled it well so far. What can you do? Kids can be brutally honest. 🙂

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  3. Cool Post. This reminds of a time I went to a blues jam, and Miles Spicer dropped by, and he played a tune for us. It was about cars, and he said something like “Everybody always thinks they sound best in the shower, but the car is the best place to sing because you have your own back up singers”. Then, he goes on singing and he takes a break from singing and tells a story about his first car, and then goes around the circle and has us all tell us about our first car, all the while he never drops the rhythm from his guitar. It was one of the coolest songs that I ever got to experience.

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  4. I love singing while I’m driving….and I’m by myself! I may sound terrible to others and not great to myself, but it’s fun and entertaining for me. It also helps pass the time quickly when traveling long distance , which I have done for the last 3 1/2 years. Ill never be good at singing, but will certainly enjoy doing it.😊

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  5. Pingback: Car’s for transportation? Their for singing!

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