Tempus Fugit


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My firstborn is 46 years old today.

I’m confused!  How is that possible, when I was 46 just a couple of days ago? How can so much time have passed so quickly?

Well, okay, I will acknowledge that my body has been cluing me in that time is passing, but still. It’s just hard for me to grasp that I have memories that go back as far as 66 years ago!

When I was 47, we made the move back to Pennsylvania from Minnesota, where we’d been for 11 years.  One of my kids had graduated from college and been married; the second would be married  that fall, and we would trek back to Minnesota for the event. A third would start college in the fall, and our fourth was exhibiting the beginning signs of an illness that would change her life.

The ensuing 22 years have given us nine wonderful grandchildren.  The eldest will be 19 in October. Again, I’m confused.  How can that be possible?  I remember being 19, and it was just a couple of years ago!  I was looking at my sophomore year of college, involved in a relationship that was doomed but that I hung onto for longer than made any sense.  You live and learn.

Boy, have I learned a lot!



4 thoughts on “Tempus Fugit

  1. I can kind of relate to this. I just recently turned 50. I still feel that I am just 19. Organising a reunion for us those who have turned 50 this year. And we are behaving and talking like we were back in school. I have learnt a lot too, some very hard lessons. But it is still learning I guess. Well written piece.

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  2. It’s amazing how you can still feel basically the same inside, but when you look in the mirror you wonder who that person is….time goes by so quickly. When you are young, you can’t wait for this, or that or this, but when you get in your senior years you see the time slipping by very rapidly. Great post…that so many can relate to. 🙂

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