It’s all About Perspective


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Luxury is where you make it or where you choose to see it. We tend to think of luxury as beyond most of us; we’ll never have the kind of wealth it takes to live in palatial houses that drip with rich fabrics, fabulous art, and the most expensive furniture. We won’t walk around dripping with diamonds. We won’t have a staff of people to keep our palaces running efficiently.

That’s not what luxury is really about, to me.  Luxury is having the opportunity to sleep an hour later than usual.  It is getting up to find that Terry has breakfast under way.  It is having machines that take care of laundry with a little help from me.  It is having a car that runs well and has air conditioning.

It is owning our our own house, and not having to live in an apartment in the middle of a city.  It is having a pleasant yard, just enough for us to be able to keep up ourselves while we’re still able to do it.

Going to the shore is a luxury.

For me, luxury is having a piano, an organ, a Bose radio/CD player. There is almost always music in my house. It is having a comfortable bed. It is enjoying simple food, simply prepared most of the time. It is having a full fridge, freezer, and pantry.

It is having a full closet, and more than one pair of shoes. It is having jewelry that is appealing to me.  It is having a computer, so I can enjoy writing and research in the comfort of my own home.

Most Americans have some or all the things that I have mentioned, and more.  We actually live quite simply, and that suits us.  I know that there are those in American who are far less well-off than we are, and we help, carefully, when we can. We both grew up with far less than we have now, and I, perhaps even more than Terry, understand what it is to have to pinch every penny until it screams.  It didn’t hurt me.  It helped me to appreciate what we did have, and it made me thankful to be able to get the education that helped us get where we are today.

We’ve worked hard. We’ve earned our daily bread.  It’s a luxury to be able to do that.


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