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I admire:

People with a great sense of humor

People of honor

People of God

People who love and treasure their children and each other

Men who respect women

Women who respect men

Men who respect other men

Women who respect other women

Law enforcement officers who keep on going back to work, even though they know there’s a target on their backs.

Military people who continue to serve even though they get no support from their President, and when they come home they’re quickly forgotten

Pastors who labor daily, unrecognized and unknown, because they love God and they love their people.

Pastors’ wives.

Teachers who love their students as well as their subject matter

I do NOT admire:





Flattery for the sake of gaining a goal

Horror perpetrated in the name of religion

Ignorance that doesn’t have to exist. There is no excuse for ignorance in America today.


Profane, vulgar, hateful language

On the lighter side, I really admire:

The proper use of apostrophes (notice I didn’t use one on apostrophes, but I did on didn’t)

People who will not take personal offense at the above statement. Just having a little fun, ok?

People who can leave the bathroom with toilet paper trailing from their shoes or a skirt tucked  up into a waistband and then laugh about it.

People who maintain a cool head when everyone else is losing his mind.

People who don’t get all sniffy depositphotos_52398521-angry-young-woman-teenager-withbecause I often have to use one of those electric carts at the grocery store, and it makes them have to slow down if they’re behind me. (You’ll be old, too, someday, and maybe you’ll be more generous if you live with chronic pain)

People who are willing to reach things that are stocked on shelves  that are ten feet above the ground and over five feet above my head.  People who do that with a smile.

People who don’t use the exit door for an entrance.  And vice versa.

People who don’t use “per se” very often, if at all, and people who don’t spell it per say.

People who know what per se means, and who use it correctly.  Here’s an example:  “The stones don’t have much value  per se, but they’re pretty to look at.”  Per se  means in or of itself, intrinsically. 

People who won’t get all sniffy over the previous statements.  Again, just having a little fun.

People who just don’t tend to get all sniffy over much of anything.

I’m done.


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