Beauty of Character


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


First thought:  Time and the onset of old age.  So let’s go with that one.


There are lots of things that are more beautiful with age. We don’t often consider a woman’s face in that light, but the older I grow, the  more my opinion changes on that issue.

Look at this lovely lady. What makes her beautiful?  And I really think she is!

Is it her skin?  Well, not if you are influenced by the ads that tell you that facial lines and wrinkles are the knell of doom.  We MUST delay them!  We MUST erase them if we can.

However, what I see here is a life lived with lots of smiles.  Nothing else puts lines just where this lady’s lines are. That’s beauty.

Look at her eyes. She probably had very beautiful eyes when she was young. Maybe they’re a bit faded now, but what I see is  contentment and light. That’s beauty.

Now pay attention to her smile. Pleasant, and I’m guessing it’s her  usual expression. Sure, there are lines and creases, but the smile itself expresses a beauty of the soul and spirit that is far more important than having smooth skin.

“You’re just saying this because you’re old, and you have lines and wrinkles!”

Maybe.  I don’t think that’s my motivation here, but maybe. Truth?  I’ve known many women through the years who have beautiful faces, but ugly spirits. Selfishness, vanity, negative complaining spirits.  Dissatisfied, unpleasant, unlovely spirits.  It doesn’t take long for that to show on their faces.

Another truth?  I don’t want to be remembered for being physically attractive. It doesn’t take any character at all to be physically attractive.  I’d much rather be remembered as a woman who loved God, loved her husband and family, and cared about other people.

That’s beauty, and that kind of beauty is unstoppable.


4 thoughts on “Beauty of Character

  1. True, beautiful post. A person who ages gracefully, looks divine and beautiful. There is an expression of immense satisfaction , contentment on the face of senior citizens , who have led an ethical life, worked hard, loved and cared for their family members, near and dear ones.

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