I Forget


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Yup.  It’s that time of life when I forget words that used to come tripping off my tongue with no effort on my part.  Words that are elusive,  just beyond the reach of my searching brain, words that flit in and out of the particular crevices of the brain that control such things.

I’d like to think the problem is really that I just know so many  words.  I took one of those silly Facebook quizzes the other day because it caught my interest:  What was the size of my vocabulary?  Well, according to the quiz, it’s XXXL.  They told me I’m Shakespeare, and that I could coin words!  Well, the truth is, I’m going to have to coin words because I can’t remember the old ones any more.

Then there are names.  Terry and I spend a lot of time saying things to each other like, “I saw–um–you know, the one who married —uh–that kid who had the wart on his nose, you know the one?  Yeah, that’s him.  Anyway, I saw his wife the other day.  I’ll think of her name in a minute.”

You continue the conversation, drifting away from the person whose name you’re trying to remember, when suddenly it pops into your brain and you blurt it out right in the middle of your husband offering to take you on a world cruise, because if you don’t say it right away you may never get it back.  Trouble with that is, it derails hubby from his proposed gift, and he can’t remember what he was saying before you hollered Jezziablah! and then you’re really bummed because you know he was saying something amazing but you can’t remember either. . . .

Yeah. Elusive.  I used to connect that word with romantic things like perfume. Not any more. Can’t remember the name of the perfume.  It will come back to me.  Eventually.



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