The Thing


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Minta woke gradually, not realizing what was causing her distress. As she came up out of the fog of her deep sleep, she became aware of someone–something? at the end of her bed.  She couldn’t speak.  Couldn’t scream. Couldn’t move. She couldn’t see anything, but she knew something was there. Someone.

She tried and tried to scream for help, but her mouth wouldn’t open all the way.  Her voice was nothing more than a whisper. article-2553591-05f9dfae00000514-458_634x422

She felt the blankets being lifted off her feet, then the thing, whatever it was, slid between the sheets, and began to slowly, oh so slowly slide upward. She felt it on her foot, then her leg. She couldn’t kick, couldn’t move.  Her horror grew as the whatever-it-was continued to slide up her body. She was certain she was going to die. Her efforts to scream, to move, were useless.

Suddenly, the bedroom light flashed on.  Her husband, who was returning from a business trip, walked to the bed and shook her gently. “I could hear you screaming all the way  out in the garage. Are you having another nightmare?”

“Oh, please, please just hold me for a minute.  I’m SO glad you’re home!”


5 thoughts on “The Thing

  1. Close to home. I suffer nightmares and have since I was a child. For a long time they subsided but after I was married, they returned. After my child bearing years, they again subsided. Now, while lavender puts most people into restful slumber, just the tiny bit too much gives me outradeous nightmares!

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    1. Isn’t there something else you could use? Chamomile? Something. If lavender has that side effect for you, you can surely find something else. I feel a little research coming on 🙂


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