The Bat


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I was living in an apartment with my sister and two other college friends  during the summer before my freshman year.  The apartment belonged to a married couple who had gone home for the summer. We had been given full use of dishes, appliances, and so on. It was a pretty nice deal for a bunch of young women who didn’t have much by way of housekeeping equipment.

The shower was in the basement.  There was a tub in the bathroom upstairs, but most of us preferred a quick shower. We all had jobs, but fortunately we all had different schedules, so using the shower was usually  uneventful.

Until, that is, the time my sister had come screaming up the stairs, holding a towel above her head, yelling, “There’s a bat down there!  A huge bat!”


Our first reaction was hysterical laughter, which Sandy did not appreciate at the moment. It was just not the norm to see her so frightened.  But then we all saw the bat floating up the stairs right behind her, and general hysteria ensued. Our uninvited guest proceeded to fly into the living room, where it circled round and round.  Sandy used her towel to try to knock it down. Someone else grabbed a broom.  I think we finally knocked it down by the shrillness of our screaming.  It’s a good thing cell phones didn’t exist back then. Someone would have been taking a video of the whole event, for sure. 

In any event, we knocked it to the floor, where Sandy tossed her towel over it. Then we stood there wondering what to do next, when the bat began to struggle. Horrified, we tried to figure out how to kill it.  I don’t remember who got the idea of piling text books on top of it, but that’s what we did. Big, heavy ones. We let it sit there for a while, then removed the books. To our astonishment, the bat was still struggling under the towel. Back went the books. And then Sandy climbed up and stood on top of the books, and we heard a crunch.  I can still hear it.  Ugh.

Once we were sure it was dead, we looked at each other, waiting for someone to volunteer to remove the bat. None of us stepped forward. I think we were afraid it had turned into a vampire, and would bite us all in the neck 🙂

Since no one was willing to scoop up the poor thing and dispose of it, we decided to call the couple that lived upstairs. Would they come down and remove the monster?  Sure.

We expected the husband, but instead the wife walked in, looked at us rather oddly, scooped up the towel and the bat, and walked out. At the door, she said, “Do you want the towel back?”

“NO!”  we all shouted at the same time.  Our neighbor shook her head and closed the door, and that was the last we saw or heard of our uninvited guest.

After all these years, it still makes me laugh to think of my sister running up those stairs with the bat floating  right behind her.


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