A Wish


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Mia sighed as she sprayed the bathroom mirror. The glass was spattered with toothpaste and who knew what else.  Hair spray made it sticky. She was so weary of the constant round of cleaning, clearing up, putting things away that were just going to be left out again.

As she wiped the mirror with a paper towel, she gazed into the glass, which was now clean and clear again. Resting her hands on the countertop, she took a good look at herself. Circles of blue under her eyes,  creases across her forehead, droopy skin under her chin, and silver  in her hair.


What did she have to show for all the years of cleaning, cooking, laundry, dusting, sweeping–the endless call of housework?  Well, at least she still had her health, even if  there were aches and pains that had developed over the years.  She had her family, a good marriage, friends.

So why was she so down?  Well, housework was enough to make anyone depressed. Still looking into the now-sparkling glass, she thought, “I wish had a maid. If I never had to do housework again, just think of the time I could spend working on my writing!  A maid.  Yes, a maid would be wonderful.”

She opened her eyes, and was startled to see a young woman looking back at her from inside the mirror!  Too shocked to speak, she watched as the woman stepped out of the mirror, and smiled at her.

“Hi!  I’m your new maid,” said the woman.  “My name is Sammy, and I’m the answer to your wish.  Now, go find something else to do while I finish the cleaning. I’ll be here for the rest of the day, and I’ll be back once a week for the rest of your life.”  And she briskly set to work on the rest of the bathroom,

Mia shook her head, not believing her eyes. But Sammy didn’t disappear, and she hummed softly as she scrubbed away at the bathtub.

Wow. Amazing.  A wish come true!


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