No Lying!


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To lie was the ultimate forbidden act. Punishment was swift and final. The vocal cords were paralyzed, and could never be restored.  Centuries ago, the tongue had been cut out. That, however, made eating and drinking very difficult, and the goal was not to destroy life; it was to destroy deceit.

People had learned to think carefully before speaking. Children were not punished as severely as adults. They were still learning, and didn’t always understand the difference between truth and untruth. By the time they were full adults, however, they did know.

The problem, of course, lay in the hearts of all humankind. Deceit was born each time a baby was brought into the world.  The people still lived by The Book in their understanding of the nature of the human heart. They knew that the heart was deceitful and wicked. However, as centuries passed and they remained isolated from the rest of the world, they knew of no other way to stop the lying that lives in all hearts except to make speaking impossible.

Then, one day, as one of the Learned Ones pored over The Book, he came across  passages that spoke of a Redeemer Who had come to earth back in the mists of time forgotten. This Redeemer was the Son of God, and He had  come to free the people from the penalty of sin and death. The Book said that when a person believed in The Redeemer, his life was changed and his heart was softened toward truth.

The Learned Ones went to his fellows with these passages, and they all discussed them for many days.

Finally, one of them said,  “We have learned to stop lies, but have overlooked the importance of a change of heart. Those who may no longer speak still have the same hearts as when they lied. We have not reached the core of the problem, but dealt only with the vehicle that delivers the lie.”

The Learned Ones fell to their knees in humility before God, and asked forgiveness for not seeing these passages in the Book for so many long years. They asked God for guidance in sharing this wonderful good news with the people. They finally understood that only a change of heart can truly put a stop to deceit.

As the good news spread among the people, there was great rejoicing.  They embraced this Redeemer they were hearing about, and many of them gave their hearts to Him. And there was a change.

Lying never completely went away, but the penalty was no longer a permanent sentence of silence. Instead, the people learned to confess their wrongs to God and to those who were affected. They were taught to forgive, for all people have the seed of deceit in their hearts.

But a person who lied, and never stopped?  That person was barred from fellowship, and lived out a lonely existence on the outskirts of the civilization. He lived out his life in the midst of other chronic, unrepentant liars.

Justice was served.


6 thoughts on “No Lying!

  1. Dom

    Wonderful post. You are really talented. I can learn a lot from post like yours even as a English as a Foreign Language learners. So many wonderful adjectives!

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