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July is a pure pleasure. It’s the best month of summer.  The humidity isn’t clogging my lungs yet, like it will in August.  It can be hot, but thank God and my husband for central air.

Everything is so lush right now. Pennsylvania is a beautiful state, and I love it.

And July? Well, it’s nearly the Fourth!  We’ll be having some of the family here, and it will be a relaxed day.

I love history–the real story, not the nonsense the revisionists are feeding our kids these days.  Back in 1776, America was trying to figure out how to be free of the long-distance governance of a batty king on the English throne who saw “the colonies” as his own personal cash cow.  Leaders who met together to plan the future  had decided that we needed to declare our independence from England, and the people of the colonies were largely in favor. Some feared we would fail without England. Some were totally devoted and loyal to George III and the whole panoply of the British monarchy.

In any case, the Declaration of Independence was written,  signed on July 2, and became public knowledge, and so celebrated, on July 4.  Of course, England wasn’t willing to let go of a very lucrative holding in the New World, and what followed was a long and heartbreaking War of Independence. All war is heartbreaking, no matter who wins or loses.

Much to their shock, the English surrendered their arms to the rebel upstarts, and America slowly and with more than a few missteps became a free and independent nation.

It’s a wonderful story, and I’m happy to say that England is our closest ally today.  It’s nice when relatives can be friends 🙂

Oh, by the way, the Fourth is my birthday, too.  It’s very cool to have a birthday on this day of parades, picnics, potato salad and pyrotechnics!  I’ll be 69, which used to seem like a vast old age. My body is telling me, “Yeah, duh, you’re old!  Suck it up!”  But my spirit still looks forward with excitement to whatever is coming next.


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