Wonderful Water


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


Water of Life.  Living Water. Well water. Drinking water.  Salt water, fresh water. Sweet water. Polluted water. Mineral water. Bathing water.  Wash water. Water bucket. Waterfall. Water way. Lemon water.  Designer water. Water drops.  Rain water.  Flood waters. Watered down.  Sparkling water. River water. Spring water. Laughing Waters (Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis).  City of Water (Minneapolis). Shining Big Sea Waters (On the Shores of Gitchegoomee). Water dam. Water gates.  Water sluice. Water weir. Water wings. Amniotic water. Water pitcher, water glass. Water the flowers, water the fields, water the livestock, pray for rain, prepare for flood.  Water cycle. Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink. Water cistern.  Water closet. Waterworks.  Tears.

You know, I didn’t even have to consult a thesaurus, or a dictionary, and I’m just getting started.  Water is the most important substance  on earth. Without it, we would die. So would everything else.

No wonder Jesus Christ called Himself the Living Water, the Water of Life.


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