Pennsylvania Train

Day 29 Track Twenty-nine

June 29, 1896. The St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad Company (predecessor of the St. Louis – San Francisco Railway) is incorporated.

In the old Glen Miller song “The Chattanooga Choo Choo” the train departs on Track 29.

Have you ever ridden a train? Write a post about a train. Tell us about train ride you have taken or one you’d like to take. Make up a story about a train or write a poem featuring a train. Share pictures of trains. Your choice!


It’s been over 30 years since I took a train trip of any length. There’s a short jaunt from Colmar Station to Philly, but I’ve done that only once, to go to the Flower Show.

The longer trip was from Charlotte, NC to Philly.  I’d been visiting my mom and dad, had a whole glorious week on my own, no kids or any responsibility.  Spent a week in their little South Carolina town where my dad was  the pastor of a Baptist church.  It was a great visit, but I was missing my husband and kids, and was ready to go. We had arranged for me to go home on the train.

Dad drove me to the station, and he wasn’t a bit happy about leaving me there alone when we learned there was going to be a two-hour delay. So we found some seats and settled in to wait out the time. Actually, I’ve always been thankful for that delay.  It was unusual for me to be able to just talk with Dad, with no one else around. He was a smart man, and had learned a great deal about human nature.

As we sat there, I noticed a particularly distinguished black man dressed completely in white. He was handsome, and  had an athletic look about him. He was carrying a bag that obviously contained more than one tennis racket.

And suddenly I realized that I was looking at the famous Arthur Ashe, huge tennis star!  How cool was that! I’m not an autograph seeker, so I didn’t join those who swarmed around him.  He was gracious and patient with all of them.


Finally it was time to board, and to be bored. This train traveled up the countryside in the back end of most of the towns, and there really wasn’t much to see.  The countryside was pretty most of the way, but I became quite restless.  My seatmate snored throughout the trip, and I think I fell asleep too. Tried to read, but the motion of the bumpetybump tracks made me carsick.  On the train.  Trainsick?

Well, finally we pulled into the 30th Street Station, and I’ve never been more relieved to  be nearly home.

I was especially pleased to hear the stories my kids had to tell of life with Dad, without Mom. My daughter, a kindergartner, told about taking her lunch out of her Strawberry Shortcake lunch box and trying to remove the sandwich from the plastic baggie. It was difficult because, as she explained to her teacher, “My daddy puts the peanut butter on the outside of the sandwich!” She was quite proud that he’d been so ingenious, and happily enjoyed the mess.

The poor man tried to explain that he’d just forgotten to put the top slice on the sandwich but he forgot because he was in such a hurry. . . . .but I was laughing hysterically, so he gave up.  ROFLMAO animated emoticon

June 29 Challenge


2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Train

  1. One of my favorite Christmas memories was of our train ride into Philly from the Perkasie station. There was a decent amount of snow on the ground, and I remember the Christmas lights, the Christmas music, the fantastic window displays at Wanamaker’s Store, the light display above the organ, and the Christmas Carol display upstairs. And the smells of the pretzels from the street vendors.

    I was fascinated by all of it.

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    1. That was a great trip, wasn’t it? Just being on the train was a novelty, fun for all of us, and it’s a great way to get to Philly. You have to go from the Colmar station now, and that line is still pretty busy.

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