Poverty of Spirit


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I always try to go with the first thought that pops up in my little brain when I see the daily prompt.  Words are so elastic, and can mean so many things, that if I thought about it too much I wouldn’t have any idea which direction to take.

So. What prompted me to this little phrase, poverty of spirit?’

I’m really not sure.  Not even sure what I’m going to say next. How about a description?

A person who has a poverty of spirit is one who may be 1) broken by the circumstance of life or 2) broken by his own negative thinking and attitudes toward life.

Can you be broken by life’s circumstances?  Sure.  I’m working with some people right now who are enduring unimaginable pain, fear, and loss. One in particular is truly broken, in every sense of that word, as she struggles through a great grief than she ever, ever thought she would bear. Grief is painful, and only those who have endured it can truly understand what it is.

What I love about this woman is that even though she has been deprived of a relationship that was supposed to go on through the rest of her life, even though she is broken and hurting beyond understanding, still she is seeking to find a direction through her grief.

And the only way out is through.  You can’t go around it, or escape it. You have to go through it.  Sometimes she feels she is deprived of the air she needs for life and breath. She is deprived of sleep, of appetite, of her ability to see beyond her pain.  But she’s coming for help, and step by painful step, she’s finding some light at the end of her tunnel.

Though she is deprived, she does not have poverty of spirit. She will come through this period of grieving. She will always grieve her loss, but it won’t always be this painful.

Another client of mine has also suffered some losses.  They are grievous to bear, and I feel her pain. She, however, is not seeking to find relief from her grief. She is seeking someone who will tell her that she is right and everyone else is wrong.

She came to the wrong place.  That’s just not how I roll.  She’s made some dreadful choices in her life, against all counsel from people who know her and love her, and now she’s paying the piper.  I’m sorry for her pain, truly.  But I tell her nearly every time I see her, “Look, you know what I’m going to say here.  When you choose the behavior, you also choose the consequence.  You cannot avoid the consequence just because you don’t like it.  It’s not a matter of “fair” or “not fair.”  It’s a matter of the natural result of the choices  you made.”

She doesn’t like that.  She feels everyone is against her, even me. Yet she keeps coming back, and I’m praying that eventually the scriptures that I’ve offered her, and the down-home common sense, will erase her sense of being deprived of her happiness and help her get rid of her true poverty of spirit.

And that’s all.



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