Piano Girl

Day 26 Marathon

June 26, 2016. Marathons are being held today in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii; Santa Cruz, California; Lubec, Maine; and Arlington, Virginia. The race in Arlington is indoors. 

I’m not doing any of them. I may run or ride a few miles, though. 

A marathon is 26.2 miles. Marathoners don’t start out running 26.2 miles! They start small and train for it. They work hard to reach that distance.

Tell us about something you worked for. Something you thought you might never accomplish, but you did.


I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything more than I wanted to learn to play the piano.  I craved it, and when I finally got my hands on a couple of beginner books (no money for lessons)  I began to teach myself.  It wasn’t long before I was pounding out hymns, and that’s still my expertise, if you want to call it that.  I’m certainly no virtuoso, and I’ve always wondered how much farther I might have gone if I’d had lessons right from the beginning.

I worked at it very hard.  I used to go over to the little church my dad pastored in southern Minnesota, no matter how cold, to practice.  I think I probably played through the hymnal a dozen times.  A kind older lady who had taught piano for years offered to teach me for a year or so, as a ministry.  She introduced me to things I probably would never have tried on my own.


When I went to college, I took piano for a couple of years. However, it was clear that my early lack of proper instruction was going to be a problem, and my teacher and I agreed that applied keyboard probably wasn’t my best direction. 

Still, I’ve played for many years in church, and for my own enjoyment.  I accompanied my kids when they played their instruments.  Being competent enough to play well enough to be useful, and just for fun, has been a lifelong reward.  I’m very thankful that when we got married, Terry’s parents gave us their piano. It’s been with us for 47 years now. Great little spinet,  pretty and just the right size.

As a spin-off, over the years I also learned to play the trumpet ( a little!), the organ, and the violin.  I have my dad’s harmonicas, and Terry bought me a beautiful little concertina some years back. So I’m happy as a pig in mud with all my instruments 🙂


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