A Day in My World


June 25, 1967. Broadcasting of the first live global satellite television program took place on this date. It was a show called Our World. 

Without the invention of the camera, we would not have television.

Today is your last photo challenge! This one may seem difficult, but you can do it!

Using your camera, take a video about Your World and share it.


You are about to find out that I am a VERY ordinary housewife in Pennsylvania on this  25th of June.  I’m going to try to get these videos up in the right order.

A Day in the (not exotic) Life of Me 🙂

Well.  I know how to get videos  from my phone to my computer.  I thought the process of saving them and inserting them would be the same as for pictures, but apparently there’s something I don’t know. I will continue to try to figure it out, but I may not be able to do it.  Just want you to know that I tried, and if you want to look at my facebook profile page, you’ll see the videos.

Linda Fullmer Kreger 🙂

Okay, this is a week later, and with the help of my internet friend Mana Apoorva, I think I finally figured out how to get my videos loaded from my camera to You Tube to here.  Crossing my fingers.  These are the videos I wanted to post for this piece:


9 thoughts on “A Day in My World

      1. You know, I’m so frustrated. Apparently I have a You Tube account, but I can’t remember user name, password, or anything. I don’t remember ever setting it up. This driving me nuts.

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  1. you might try setting up a new YouTube account… if they want you to use an existing one they will probably just tell you how to recover your username, etc. As for me, I have enough trouble getting ordinary photos on my ordinary blog…:-)

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