The Good Old Summertime


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When I think back over the summers of my life, certain memories leap to the front of the line: 

The summer I was ten, and we lived in Milwaukee, Oregon. Every day, we’d walk a little over a mile to the municipal swimming pool and spend the afternoon there. Walking home, we’d pull the ripening berries off the bushes that lined the roadside. We’d grab a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then go back outside to work on our fort, or play ball with the neighbors, or whatever else came to mind. The weather was rarely too hot, and if it rained it usually cleared off by lunchtime.

When I was younger, living in Minneapolis, I lover rollerskating on the sidewalk in front of our apartment house, or going across the street to Loring Park to enjoy the shady coolness or splash in the pool there.

The Fourth of July is my birthday, and it was always special. Rarely does it rain on the Fourth. There were picnics, friends, parades, fireworks–a wonderful day for a birthday.

In Oregon, there were rare but wonderful trips to the ocean or to Mount Hood. I loved the ocean the most.  The Pacific coast is very different from the Atlantic along the shores of New Jersey, which is closest to where we live now. It’s pretty flat here, although as you go farther north you’ll begin to see more  action because of the rocks and cliffs.  There’s a lot of action on the Pacific coast in Oregon. Beautiful, powerful, exciting.  I could just sit and watch for hours on end.

I was a teen when we lived in St. James, Minnesota. Weather was a big deal there. I loved the changes, the wind, the storms of summer.  The farmers weren’t too pleased with tornadoes and hail, and I certainly understand why, but I’ve always loved the power of the weather.

Later, life changed and became more complicated, but summer was always a time off for me when I was teaching.  The kids and I did some gardening, and they’d go off into the surrounding woods to pick berries for pie and jelly and freezing.

I enjoy the lushness of summer her in Pennsylvania. I commented to Terry on our way to church yesterday that it’s so beautiful here. Lots of trees, woods, water, hills, farms–just a beautiful place to live.

I love the smells, sounds, flowers, colors, weather changes, and relaxation that come with summer.

Thank You, Lord, for giving us summer.


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