Day 15 Fifteen Sentences

June 15, 1752. Benjamin Franklin flew a kite during a storm. His experiment demonstrated the link between electricity and lightning.

Today is your chance to experiment! Try a new writing style. Write about anything you wish. But you must write exactly fifteen sentences. No more. No less.


The man barged into the house without knocking, without warning. He brandished a pistol in one hand, a long, thick-bladed knife in the other.

“In knew you’d be here with him!” he ranted, sweat dripping from his forehead.

“It’s not what you think, Sam!  Really! We’re just talking, nothing else.  Please put the gun down!”

“No way!  I warned you what would happen!”

Sam pointed the gun at Carl, took a breath, and pulled the trigger. Abby nearly fainted, but  Sam caught her, dragging her with his knife hand toward the small sofa where Carl sat, blood pouring from his chest.  He sat next to Carl and pulled Abby onto his lap.  The knife and the pistol were both aimed at her, the pistol at her head and knife at her heart.

“Please, please, Sam, no, please!”  she cried, shaking and crying so that his arms were shaking too.

“All right, I’ll let you live.”

He aimed the pistol at his own head, pulled the trigger, and slumped against the arm of the sofa.

Today Abby sits  in her hospital room, eyes blank, rockingrockingrocking.

in June 1-30 Challenge 2016.

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