Poetry? Oy!

Day 14 Fourteen Line Poem

June 14, 1578. Fourteen-year-old William Shakespeare wrote his first sonnet.

Actually, I made that up. Shakespeare really was 14 in 1578, and he did write sonnets. But no one knows when he wrote his first sonnet. Today may be the day you write your first sonnet, though.

Write a poem of at least fourteen lines. You may want to try writing a sonnet, but any fourteen line poem will do.

A sonnet is a poem written in fourteen lines with each line usually having ten syllables. There are various rhyming options for sonnets.  Shakespeare used the rhyming pattern: ABAB CDCD EDED GG.

Look up Sonnet if you need help and come up with your own fourteen line poem.


Sonnets are not my poetry style.

If I try to be serious, you’d just have to smile.

I’d be better at something Suessian,

Or even Mother Goosian

Than  writing something erudite

Though I should try with all my might.

Already I’m stuck for something to say

To finish this poem for the 14th day.

I could write reams of prose on most any topic,

But my poetic flair is rather dystropic.

Don’t bother to look; I created that word.

It’s what happens when I’m writing something absurd.

So now I will bid you all fond farewell,

And  go to my room, and sleep for a spell.


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