Twelve Thankfuls

Day 12 Twelve Things You Are Grateful For

June 12, 1942. Anne Frank received a diary for her birthday.

June 12, 2014. The last time I allowed the 12th to be a day of monthly mourning and depression for me. The next month, when the 12th rolled around, I chose to be grateful for the things and people I have rather than being depressed because of what I had lost.

Tell about a dozen things you are grateful to have in your life. It could be people, things, memories, etc. (Yes, I cheated on this one since I do this every month anyway.)


I am thankful for:

  1.  My husband, who just helped me put clean sheets on the bed because he knows it hurts my back.
  2. Old friends we saw at a graduation party tonight.  Lots of them.
  3. New friends I’ll see at church tomorrow.
  4. My four children.
  5. My nine grandchildren
  6. My in-laws and in-law to-be.
  7. My Bible, which really should be higher up the list, but how can you prioritize something like this?
  8. My Savior.
  9. Music, all kinds.
  10. Chocolate
  11. The refreshing orange juice I’m drinking right now
  12. The bed we just made, which I’m looking forward to using in just a few minutes.

June 12 Challenge

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