Ten Favorite Bloggers


Day 10 A Toast to Ten Bloggers

June 10, 1935. Dr. Robert Smith (Dr. Bob) takes his last drink and Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in Akron, Ohio, by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob.

Although Bill and Dr. Bob quit drinking alcohol, we can still raise a toast to those who have done a great job!

Share a link to ten blogs you enjoy. Tell us why you think they deserve a toast!


I could make many lists of favorite bloggers.  I am amazed, delighted, informed, entertained and educated by so many talented people who have come to Word Press to write because they love to write. The ones I have listed below  were the first ten who came up on my comments list, so they’re the ones i went with.

Julie writes under the name of The Reluctant Baptist, but she rechristened her blog as Light and Life. She writes about God, His Word, her life, her husband and daughter. She’s serious and funny and warm.

The writer of The Mustard Seed Budget is a former missionary, pastor, teacher, and now a church planter. I like his short, pithy devotional-type posts.

Christine is a kindred spirit of mine. She’s struggling with cancer right now, and I’m praying for her. She writes a variety of things-poetry, stories, her life.

Nelkumi is a poet. Short, succinct poetry that gives you a glimpse into her life.

Vonita writes emotional poetry in Moving Toward the Light. She also shares life moments.

If you haven’t met Anglo-Swiss yet, you’re missing out. She’s been blogging for a loooooong time. Humor, her daily life, an analytical look at everything.

Olive writes wonderful travel pieces on Travel Much?  Funny, interesting, with gorgeous photos.

Karyl writes The Shepherd’s Presence.  She’s a dear old friend of many years’ standing. Wise, homey, practical, loyal, godly.

Tom writes soul-searching poetry.  I’ve been enjoying him for three or more years now.

And I saved Kathleen for last because if you’re reading this, you know about her, and you know her story. She’s an inspiration.











A Toast to Ten (or More Bloggers)

Adding one more, whose poetry intrigues, delights, and fascinates with its word pictures:



4 thoughts on “Ten Favorite Bloggers

  1. I am lost for words, which does not often happen to me, as I usually always have something to say. Thankyou for the blogging bouquet. I also enjoy reading your words of wisdom and I believe you also have a few blogging years behind you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you were pleased. You deserve it. I’ve been blogging for a little over three years, and one of the delights of it is the friends you make in cyberspace. I didn’t know that would happen.


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