Day 11 Photo Challenge

June 11, 1963. We’ve all seen the pictures: Governor of Alabama George Wallace standing at the door of a building at the University of Alabama in an attempt to block two black students from attending the school. He was not successful. The pictures of the young people standing up for their rights are powerful!

Photographs can tell powerful stories! Can you tell a powerful story with your pictures this week? Try taking even photos that tell a story.

Alternative: Post a picture representing the number 11. It can be eleven items, eleven people (think soccer team), or something showing the number 11. Or post a gallery of 11 photos that have a shared theme.


I love teapots.  I love pretty cups and saucers, and lunch in a tearoom where your food is served on lace doilies from a three-tiered cake stand.  I love tea.  There are so many different kinds, it would take a lifetime to sample them all.  A long-standing favorite that I first had in England years ago is a mix of Ty-Phoo and Earl Grey.  Delightful.

So here are eleven elegant teapots that grace my house.


June 11 Challenge

4 thoughts on “Teapots!

      1. I have a book titled ‘Chicken soup for tea lover’s soul’. It has so many wonderful stories woven around tea drinking. in many different circumstances. I feel like adding this post of yours to that book.

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