Day 8 Eight Legs or Sideways It’s Infinity

June 8, 1992. The Earth Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America. The first World Ocean Day was celebrated. 

Did you know the world’s largest spider is the Goliath birdeater tarantula and it’s found in South America?

Write a story with eight legs (octopus, two cats, four people, etc).


Exploration of a new planet was always exciting.  New life forms, new foods, different modes of transportation–there was no end to all the things that were out there to be discovered.  And conquered, of course.  That was just a given.

Autro and his partner, Zwestra, crept quietly  along the edge of the wooded place, keeping to the shadows and making no sound at all.  That was pretty easy for them, considering  they skittered rather than walked. Each of their legs was equipped with a set of toes that allowed them to put almost no weight at all on the leg that was put forward first, giving them something to balance on while they gathered up the rest of their legs in a move so fast it couldn’t even be caught on a camera.  They actually seemed to float from one place to another.

Autro suddenly stopped, letting out a hiss of pain. “Wait!  Stop!  There’s something here that caught my seventh leg—–AAAGGGH!  NO!  NOOOOooooooo!!”

Zwestra didn’t move. She didn’t even twitch. Legs were too valuable to risk, and even though they were strong, they were easily broken.   When Autro stopped groaning, Zwestra whispered, “Are you all right?  What happened?”

“I–I–yes, I’m all right, but I’ve lost a leg.  It’s going to slow down my skitter.  At least it wasn’t the first leg or the eighth.  That could have been fatal!  Be careful here, there’s a crevice I didn’t see.

“One thing for sure, we’re going to need to keep all our  wits about us, or we’re going to lose legs. This place is not user-friendly for us eight-leggers!”


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