Playful Puppy


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The puppy in my granddaughter’s life is more than playful. His personality is so energetic, playful, friendly, excitable, that his whole body wags with his permanently-wagging tail. He is so full of joy when anyone at all enters the room that he can’t contain his happiness.

He’s irresistibly cute, so you just have to bend down and pick him up. He starts twisting around to lick whatever his tongue can reach the minute he’s picked up. I hate dog tongue, so we’re having to curb that habit.

He loves necklaces.  Yesterday I was wearing a very long string of pearls that I had looped three times. His wiggly, squirmy legs and tail got caught in the loops, and I had to call for a rescue team to get us untangled. What you’ll see in the video is not our puppy, but he has some similar markings.  They’re all different, because they’re a mixed breed.

He does settle down.  He understands the word settle along with a firm tone of voice and a steady hand. But you can almost feel the energy coursing through his little body as he waits for his next opportunity to do his own unique version of the happy dance. 

He’s responding very well to my granddaughter’s training. He sits, stays, comes, on command. She has also taught him “down”, which means he’s to lie down flat. He also knows off, although he doesn’t like it one bit. He’s bred to be a lapdog, and he’s determined to get an early start on his career. He’ll also lift a paw for shake, even though he seems a little confused about why on earth he’s doing it.

I love to watch him run to chase after a toy or one of his people. He bounces.  Cutest thing.

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