Off We Go!


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No matter how high we fly, we’ll never out-sky the sky. It has always fascinated us, and through the centuries of human history, we have stared into the heavens and wondered.

How big is the sky?  Why is it blue? How many stars are up there? Who first thought up names for constellations, and drew the imaginary lines that identify Scorpio and Orion?

We watch the sky for weather. We watch for fantasy as huge billowing clouds float by, reminding us of castles and dragons and all manner of things. We incorporate the sky into love songs, poetry, and scientific research. We’ve learned a lot, but we’ll never know all there is to know about what’s out there until God says it’s time for us to know.

A whole genre of literature, science fiction, has come out of wondering about the sky. Even if you’re not a Trekkie, you probably know about Dr. Spock and “Beam me up, Scottie.” And we all know about Star Wars, too.

Just think about all the money that has been made from those two icons of the 20th century. Amazing.

You can even buy a star, if you want to waste a whole bunch of money.  Silliest thing I’ve heard of in a long time.  Like I could own a star.  Right.  Makes about as much sense as owning a grain of salt in the Pacific Ocean.

I taught earth science for a while, and I loved it.  I’ve always been interested in astronomy, and I get excited when there’s going to be some  unusual event that I can observe. A comet,  shooting stars, eclipses–all hold great fascination for me.  That the moon and the ocean, two of my favorite things, are so closely tied together is wonderful to me.

A clear blue sky is a thing of beauty, but I think I actually like clouds better.  All kinds of clouds, from wispy streams to thunderheads. So much beauty, so much power, so much to wonder about, to learn, and just to enjoy.

I understand the pull for many of being able to fly a plane of any sort; to soar up from the pull of the earth and fly free into the blue.  What a wonderful thing!


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