This One’s Easy

Day 2 Two Goals for June

June 2, 1835.  P.T. Barnum and his circus started their first tour of the United States.

Do you want to learn to ride an elephant? Or fly on a trapeze? Or juggle fire? What new ills would you like to learn?

Or do you simply want to improve in some area of your lives?

Do you have projects that you’ve started and desire to finish?

Tell us about two goals you hope to achieve this month and how you plan to achieve them.


I want to lose two pounds.

Only two?  Yes. It’s a do-able goal, and I am confident I can do it. If you’ve never had to lose weight and you’re nearing 70, you won’t understand. If weight has dogged you all your adult life and you’re nearing 70 and fighting off Type II Diabetes, join me 🙂

Second, I want to increase my laps in the pool from my present ten laps to 20.

Again, do-able.  I may even be able to go past that, but I’ve learned to set goals that are within my reach.

June 2 Challenge

One thought on “This One’s Easy

  1. My first goal is to have a successful surgery on Friday. Very do-able, I hope!
    My second goal is to lose 7 pounds. Yes, I think again this should be do-able especially with the surgery. A lucky number 7, or so we’re told!

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