Clowns and Calliopes


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I have been to only one genuine three-ring circus in my lifetime.  When our oldest son was 10, he had a paper route. There was a contest to get new subscribers, and he won. The prize was a free trip to the Barnum& Bailey and Ringling Brothers Circus in Philadelphia.

He was so excited to have won this special prize for all of us.  Back then, we couldn’t have afforded to go as a whole family.

I loved every minute of it. I was just like the kids, wide-eyed and amazed. The entrance parade was wonderful, a magical stream of color, music, and amazing animals. The costumes were gorgeous, and the trick riders and other performers never stopped showing off for us. 

My emotions went from amazement to fear to laughter to shock at what the performers offered us. It was truly a spectacle.  Terry told me he had more fun watching me than he did watching the circus.

I was terrified when the trapeze artists  did their amazing flying act without a safety net. I was amazed when the lion tamer walked into the cage, ringed by several huge animals who could have killed him with a swipe of their mighty claws. I loved the clowns, never realizing how talented they really are. The elephants are so enormous, it’s hard to understand how they could be trained to do such amazing tricks. And the horseback-riding event?  I could have watched all night.

All I have to do to bring it back is close my eyes and hear the calliope inside my head.

Thanks, Mike.

8 thoughts on “Clowns and Calliopes

  1. Everyone should see a circus at least once in their life! There is a lot of hard work and dangerous work preparing to entertain the audience. Imagine being a clown on a day you really don’t feel well or something unpleasant is happening in your life. They really have to put on an act on those days! 🙂

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