Sean’s Bad Day


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Audrey gave him a blank look. She had no idea how to respond to what he had just said.


Sean didn’t understand why she was silent.  He’d expected something-anything–but this blank, silent reaction.  Audrey was never at a loss for words, and he’d been prepared for a barrage of unfriendly fire at his announcement.

“Well?   Aren’t you going to say anything?  I figured you’d have plenty to say. You usually have more to say than anyone, including me, wants to hear. So, what’s the problem?  Cat got your tongue?  Did I finally find a way to shut you up?  Wow! Maybe I should have it printed in the newspaper, “The Day Audrey Had Nothing to Say!”

He sat there smirking at her, obviously feeling he’d accomplished something astounding. He was clearly pleased with himself.

She still did not speak. Slowly, carefully, she stood, still looking at him with no expression. She gathered her purse, her keys, and her sweater.  As she headed toward the door of the cafe, he didn’t see the tears that began a slow trek down her cheeks. She never looked back. She opened the door and walked out, leaving Sean to pay for their coffee. As he handed the cashier the bill and some cash, he shrugged. “Well, that didn’t turn out the way I thought it would,” he said. He was pretty sure he’d get some sympathy.

So when the cashier, who knew both Sean and Audrey well, leveled a disgusted look at him, he was surprised. “What?  What did I say now?”

“You are a complete waste of time, Sean, and I hope that girl never gives you another moment’s thought.” She dropped his change on the counter and stalked off, leaving Sean standing there with a blank look on his face.


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